Estate planning

Estate planning is more than just the preparation of a Last Will and Testament.  Rather the process of estate planning focuses upon tax planning, asset protection, long term care planning, disability planning, as well as issues relating to the distribution of assets.  Estate planning includes a review of a person's assets, consideration of the value of those assets, the location of assets, the titling and type of  assets, the age, competency, and relationship of beneficiaries, as well as a client's ability to pay for their long term care.  Although an estate plan commonly includes a Last Will and Testament,  Durable Power Of Attorney,  medical power of attorney and Living Will, an individual's circumstances, may also warrant the preparation of other documents, such as a Revocable Living Trust, special needs trust, minors trust, Life Estate Deed, tax trust, irrevocable trust, or other documents and planning options.  The Law Offices of Valerie A. Rocco, P.C., assists clients by providing a review and summary of their current estate plan, as well as recommendations for actions to be taken and documents which should be prepared so that they can achieve their estate planning goals.